Proposal: Payment Route Reservation – PTLC/HTLC with Reusable Static Invoices

“Modifying the original PTLC protocol slightly, we get support for reusable static invoices with atomic proof of payment and payer proofs, that don’t require previous communications between sender and receiver.””By doing so, we will also reduce the number of cryptographic calculations the sender needs to perform for each PTCL payment. Then a similar approach is also applied to HTLC, with the same benefits.””This proposal extends the payment route reservation protocol, enabling the dynamic agreement of not only route fees, prepayment fees, and cltv deltas but also proof of payment and payer proof between the sender and receiver.””Compared to Bolt12 offers proposal, there is no need for an additional round trip between sender and receiver to fetch the invoice, resulting in lower latency.”

Full Proposal

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