Primal Android v0.20.4, iOS v0.90.3 Released

“Primal for Android just got a major overhaul. The whole app is a lot more mature and almost ready for prime time. We are planning the official Play Store release in the coming weeks.”iOS: “This is a pretty beefy release too. Should be cleaner, smoother, and much more reliable. Almost ready for prime time; targeting full App Store release in the coming weeks.”

What’s new (Android)

Visual overhaulDirect messagesMuted accountsSettings: FeedsLocal db encryptionEdit profile screen now reports errors correctly

What’s new (iOS)

Visual overhaulSettings: networkImproved startup timeNotifications tabsProfile tabsTrending 24h feed now worksVideo sound handled properlySolidified posting & replying

Announcement 1
Announcement 2
GitHub Repo (Android)
GitHub Repo (iOS)

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