Primal Android v0.13.2, iOS v0.24.3 Released

“The Fed keeps on printing while Primal keeps on building.””Check out the iOS and Android updates we released this week. Much more to come, stay tuned!”

What’s new – Android


Hashtags and user handles are now clickableReferenced notes are displayed correctly and clickableNotes with multiple images are rendered with a gallery horizontal pagerAdded “see more…” for long posts in the feed

Note Editor

User mentions are now possible with nostr:npub stringsQuoting notes is now possible with nostr:note strings

Thread & Replies

Thread replies are sorted correctly (descending by timestamp)Reply note now clears the text after successful reply publishingThread screen now renders posts in full length


Fixed the crash when opening unavailable post on thread screenImprovements when processing feed responses

What’s new – iOS

New Features

Edit profile screenFeed rendering improvementsDeep linking to notes and profilesMute/unmute user context menu


Profile: fixed the follow/unfollow button styleWhen a new account is created, sometimes the recommended follow list is not applied

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