PlebAI: Access Open Source Large Language Models For Sats

“PlebAI exclusively utilizes open-source large language models and is not biased to any particular ideology. We do not use closed source OpenAI or Anthropic models. You can have unprotected and unfiltered conversations without bias. No terms and conditions to accept. Be civil and don’t break the law.””By focusing on open-source solutions, PlebAI ensures transparency and community-driven development. Users can trust the information they receive, knowing it’s free from undue influence or proprietary modifications.””The cool part is anyone can create their own agents and make it private or public.””Join us in building this together. Check it out, by going to”


No email or signups required;No credit card or up front payment required;No Ads or trackers;Chat history only stored on the browser;Using only open source LLMs;Create your own agent and make it private or public;Use Lightning wallet on the browser.

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