Phoenix Wallet v2.0 Upgrade Now Being Deployed to iOS Users, Android v2.0.9 Released

“The splice upgrade is now being deployed to all users, on Android and iOS.””Thank you to everyone who took part in the beta!””Your channels will be migrated, just follow the instructions in-app.”


“Channels under 546 satoshi cannot be migrated. They will instead be closed, and their balance will go to the Bitcoin miners.””Your on-chain swap address has changed. Do not reuse your old swap addresses! Contact support if these addresses have been used after migration.”

Phoenix Android changes since v2.0.6

Added notice in home screen when incoming Lightning payments are rejected, to make them more visible.Added the last swap-in failed attempt in the swap-in screen.Several bug fixes in lightning-kmp.Fixed an issue where payment would be prevented when channels were in closingFixed an issue where swaps would not be attempted due to a race condition between the swap-in wallet and the peer connection.Electrum Client rework. “The Electrum connection logic has been improved. There should be less issues with Electrum connection, especially when connection fails and needs to be reestablished. See ACINQ/lightning-kmp#512 for details.”Increased size of logs export. “The log file could be sometimes truncated by the SL4J rolling system which could result in less logs than available.”Added support for per-app localisation. “Phoenix can now use a different language than the rest of the device. This feature is only available on Android 13+.”Improved Czech and French translation. “Thanks @MasterixCZ for working on this.”

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