Phoenix Android v2.0.12, iOS v2.0.7 Released

What’s new (Android)


Gracefully handle Android keystore failures at startup, and fall back to manual seed input to unlock the wallet.
See 945b640 for details.Fixed camera staying online after leaving the scan view. Thanks @kotasjan for the help! See issue #442 for details.Several fixes and improvements. Thanks @MasterixCZ for the Czech localisation fixes.


Display the grace-period for pending deposits in the swap-in screen. See #444 for detailsFix invalid intents from apps trying to open Phoenix to send a payment.Fix an issue with the reserve that could trigger force-close, see ACINQ/lightning-kmp@6e4bc39.


Updated the wording of the migration message in the legacy application. Added a date where some legacy services (swap-in and pay-to-open) will be disabled (November 1st).2 bug fixes in lightning-kmp.

What’s new (iOS)


Add button in receive screen to open scanner and read LNURL withdrawals requests.Grace period for swap-ins is now displayed in Wallet Info.Several bug fixes and improvements.


 Fixed several issues related to background payments reception which would cause LN payments and swaps to fail.Fixed an issue that could cause force-closing.Remove metadata validation when paying through LNURLSeveral UI improvements.


Fixed an issue when paying LNURL address with fiat amounts.Fixed an uncommon issue where swaps could get stuck after migrating from v1 to v2.

GitHub Repo (Android)
App Store Link (iOS)

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