Peach Bitcoin App v0.3.1 and Public API Released

“Download Peach Bitcoin 0.3.1 for the newest updates!””Public API is available for you guys to build cool stuffs on a peer2peer bitcoin exchange.”Learn more at:

What’s new

New payment methods added for your peer2peer trades:

– Spain > rebellion (username)
– Italy > PostePay (postpay number)
– Switzerland, Sweden & Iceland > national bank transfers.
– Colombia > bancolombia account number fixed.
– Nigeria > Klassen, Accrue, Wirepay.New country currency: Brazilian Real (via Pix).”Signing your address is now also compatible with Samourai Wallet. And in case you wonder,yes! We are looking into adding support for payouts to paynyms.””Buyers are now sending their encrypted payment data (with the sellers public PGP key) when matching (sellers will be able to see this data in a future release). Those data are readable in case of dispute.”RBF upgrades. “By default RBF is only possible if you have a change to deduct more fees from. We relaxed the rule to also allow deduction from the receiving address. The app will warn you, should that be the case!”Switched to @mempool network fee estimation.”If you want to give us us feedback and co-create Peach with us with your ideas, join our Telegram or Discord community groups.”

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