Pay-to-Snitch Surveillance Firm Arkham Intelligence Says It Identified Nearly 1M BTC in Coinbase Wallets

“Arkham has now identified $25B of Coinbase Bitcoin reserves (~1M BTC) on chain.””This makes Coinbase the largest Bitcoin entity in the world on Arkham, with almost 5% of all BTC in existence – about as much as Satoshi Nakamoto,” said the surveillance company.”Arkham has identified and tagged over 36 Million BTC deposit and holding addresses used by Coinbase, with their largest cold wallet containing ~10K BTC. Based on their most recent financials, Coinbase likely has thousands more BTC not yet labeled.”Earlier this year, Arkham Intelligence launched its ‘pay-to-snitch’ shitcoin ARKM to incentivize individuals to sell sensitive information about digital asset wallet owners.


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