Parmanode v3.7.5, ParmanodL v2.0 and ParmaZero Released


“All you have to do now to install Parmanode is type ONE LINE into the terminal and hit <enter>. It even creates a desktop icon for you,”Theres also a “new website with new pictures, and clearer instructions for the most computer inept” –


“ParmanodL is a Linux computer that runs the Parmanode Script Software – an Easy AF Bitcoin node installation package. Have a Pi4 ready, a 32GB+ microSD card, and a regular computer to build the image (not Windows).””In summary, it builds a Parmanode OS image file, then it writes it to a microSD card for use in a Pi4.””This fairly elaborate method of creating Parmanode OS is opposed to having me create the image on my computer and distributing a file. While that would have been easier, it requires the users to trust my build. This way, effectively every step of the way is trustless – the code being used is open to read.”


“Announcing ParmaZero… An air gapped Pi Zero Bitcoin seed generating/signing computer. Runs as a Linux Desktop and has Electrum Wallet, and a mnemonic code generator. No internet connection possible. You can buy or build one yourself.””ParmaZero is a full Linux OS and has Electrum on it. You need a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor, and USB camera. S-signer is more self-contained, but more simple software I believe.”

Parmanode changes since v3.6.2

New installation scriptRevamped READMEElectrum Wallet for Pi’s addedSparrow Wallet for Pi’s addedFulcrum database corruption strategy addedWallets now check that server is running, and give warningCritical bug fixColor editsPruning bug fixedGit hub clones are now all –depth 1Fixed sparrow connection smol bugFixed smol htop bugNew iconAdded LNbitsElectrum permission bug fix

GitHub Repo (Parmanode)
Parmanode Website
GitHub Repo (ParmanodL)
Announcement (Zero) / Archive
ParmaZero Guide / Archive

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