Parmanode v3.6.2: BTC RPC Explorer, electrs & More

Here’s a summary of some of the latest updates to Parmanode.

Version 3.6.2

Much improved flow for setting up external hard drive.Various bugs fixedBitcoin Menu improvements, including start/stop output improvements

Version 3.6.1

Electrum and Sparrow can connect to Fulcrum or electrs Tor, from menu selection

Version 3.6.0

Electrum connections to server improvedCheck docker installed before RTL install, otherwise fail.electrs added

Version 3.5.2

electrs software code added ; not yet functionalBTC RPC Explorer – tor enabledDrive format flow imporved a little64 bit Pi support for Bitcoin Core added (previously 32 bit binaries for 64 bit chip running on 32 bit OS was the only way.)

Version 3.5.1

add ability to access BTC RPC Explorer from other computers on the network with Nginxsimplified drive preparation, drive wiping now done in the background without extra fun promptsmany more comments added to code for educational purposes, allowing non-coders to follow along.logging and menu improvementsSparrow connection improvements

Version 3.5.0

BTC RPC Explorer addedvarious tweaks here and there

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