OpenSats Grants Long-Term Support to Vasil Dimov

“We are pleased to add Vasil Dimov to the list of OpenSats LTS grantees. Vasil is receiving long-term support for his ongoing contributions to Bitcoin Core,” wrote @dergigi in a blog post.”In the last couple of years, he has worked on adding Tor v3 support, as well as adding support for I2P and CJDNS. His review and PRs are a testament to his determination to improve P2P networking and privacy all around.”I think it is equally important or even more important to do review rather than coding. Every PR needs multiple ACKs to get merged, so it means that I have to review multiple PRs for each PR I have opened myself,” Dimov was quoted as saying.”His past work includes contributions to c-lightning, as well as multiple bug fixes to various high-class projects such as git, OpenSSL, Xorg, wget, and others. You can find a full list of his contributions on his website.

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