OpenSats Announces Third Wave of Nostr Grants

“Adding to the 16 grants announced in July, plus the three grants announced in August, the total number of nostr projects funded by OpenSats as of October is 31. October 31: what a lovely coincidence!”

New grantees

Nozzle by @dluvian is a lightweight Nostr client for Android. It aims to make Nostr more decentralized by organically discovering relays and requesting content only from those relays that really have the posts the user is looking for.Blowater by Water Blower is a DM client for desktop, web, and mobile. It aims to provide the best DM experience on Nostr so far.Nostur by Fabian is a feature-rich nostr client for iOS that aims to be simple to use for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. It supports multiple accounts, has nsecBunker support, and imposter detection features.Nostrocket by @gsovereignty is a new economic tool that uses Bitcoin and Nostr to create leaderless, location-independent economies that reward productive solutions to shared problems.Snort by Kieran is a web client with the goal of making nostr’s features accessible in a user-friendly manner while maintaining its censorship-resistant properties. Snort’s primary focus is to support a wide variety of features that showcase the power of the nostr network while remaining a clean and performant by Kieran is a live streaming nostr client PWA that allows people to interact with externally hosted HLS streams. Users can chat, zap, and react to the stream while watching a live stream.Algia by @mattn is a CLI client that can manipulate nostr operations such as post, like, boost, delete, as well as streams. Algia can handle JSON, so you can easily create nostr bots with external tools such as by @sandwich aims to be an authoritative source for nostr relay by @cloudfodder is a web-based control panel and deployment system for nostr relays. Its goal is to enable the entire nostr population to create relays and manage them, even those with no prior systems knowledge.Nostree by @gzuuus is a nostr micro-app to create, manage, share, and explore links and reference lists (as well as show notes and other stuff).ONOSENDAI by @arkin0x is an experimental nostr client that maps and visualizes the nostr protocol in a 3D space. The goal of ONOSENDAI is to be the reference implementation of a novel cyberspace protocol, a digital reality that, thanks to Bitcoin and nostr, stands on its own. You can play around with an early version of the client at by @water783 is a secure chat client for iOS and Android built on top of the nostr protocol. It prioritizes privacy and offers encrypted private chats & contacts, as well as multiple DM types: normal, sealed, and secret. The client offers audio and video calling capabilities between contacts, using Nostr relays as a signaling mechanism.

If you are an open-source developer who is aligned with OpenSats mission, don’t hesitate to apply for funding.

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