OpenSats Announces Long-Term Support for Furszy

“He joined as a Core developer in June 2022 and has been actively involved in a wide spectrum of contributions ever since. Prior to his current role, he served as a software maintainer for a privacy-centric project. Consequently, privacy and performance are two of the areas Furszy focuses on.””Long-term support will allow Furszy to dedicate significant attention to the project’s shared goals and the stability of the main reference client. In addition to his own code contributions, he is actively reviewing and providing feedback on others’ pull requests, as well as engaging in daily discussions with other core developers to address potential issues and collaboratively explore avenues for enhancing the project.””In many countries with internet restrictions or limited access to adequate hardware, individuals face significant barriers to participating in the Bitcoin network. My work aims to bridge this gap by enhancing the performance and privacy aspects of the main reference client. Even slight improvements can make a substantial difference in allowing more people, regardless of their geographical location or technical constraints, to access and benefit from the Bitcoin network,” Furszy was quoted as saying.”In addition to improving the software’s workflow performance, refining the source code architecture, bolstering test coverage, and advocating for general standardization efforts, he is also working on implementing new features such as “Light Sync” mode.”

“OpenSats is now providing LTS support to seven Bitcoin developers in addition to 50+ project grants,” said @ODELL.

“The OpenSats Long-Term Support program is sourced from our General Fund and made possible by generous donors like you. If you want to help support contributors like Furszy, consider making a donation to the General Fund.”

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