Nutstash Wallet Browser Extension Released

“The Nutstash Wallet Extension is a FireFox and any other chromium-based browser extension that allows users to embed the Nutstash wallet app into their browser for easy access to their financial information.”Nutstash is a custodial lightning wallet without user accounts that uses cashu ecash protocol. It comes with multi-mint and send-to-nostr-key functionality.Disclaimer: Nutstash and the underlying Cashu protocol are still in early development. Funds might be lost forever due to bugs in the software or the protocol.


Embed the Nutstash wallet app within a browser extension.Automatically detects websites that support ecash payments.Displays a green dot on the extension icon when ecash payments are supported on the current page.

GitHub Repo (Chromium)
GitHub Repo (Firefox)
Announcement / Archive
Nutstash Wallet App & Website

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