nsecBunker v1.0 Release Opens Up Nostr For Shared Projects and Companies

“nsecBunker is a signer you can use to stop pasting your nostr keys in a million places with the sooner-or-later key leakage that will inevitably happen,” wrote the project’s developer PABLOF7z.”Starting today, you can now BUY an nsecBunker for a few thousands sats a year, or just deploy one yourself following the instructions in the website.”Get started at https://nsecbunker.com.”Put your keys on nsecBunker and, thanks to the magic of NIP-46, use them from any NIP-46-compatible app without giving them your precious nsec.””Each *application* can be inidividually scoped to get it’s own set of permissions.””With nsecBunker you’ll be able to grant permissions to, say, the Coracle client, to sign short-note events, but perhaps you don’t want it changing your profile information.””Or you might want to give access to another team member to zap everybody on Nostr like @Blockstream has been doing but you don’t want them getting access to read the private DMs.””This is HUGE for companies, as a company can’t simply grant blank-cheque, un-auditable permissions to dozens of team members.””Ideally, this whole thing is one click deployable into your Umbrel or Start9 node,” the developer said.

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