Nostr Playground: Experiment with Nostr’s Multifaceted Features

“I’m thrilled to unveil Nostr Playground, your go-to hub for all things on Nostr,” announced @Sepehr.”Whether you’re new to the protocol or an experienced developer, the playground offers a unique, hands-on experience to interact, test, and experiment with Nostr’s multifaceted features.””Remember, learning is best done through doing. So, dive in, get your hands dirty, and explore the vast universe of Nostr. Whether you’re fine-tuning an application or merely satisfying your curiosity, Nostr Playground is your sandbox.”


Experiment with Ease: Play around with custom filters, see results in real-time, and gain a deeper understanding of Nostr’s potential.Flexible Relays: Don’t be confined to predefined servers. Test with any custom relay and discover endless possibilities.Visualize Data: View events both as raw JSON and in a user-friendly format. It’s the best of both worlds.Save & Share: Use the local storage feature to continue where you left off and the import/export function to share your setups with peers.

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