Nostr Design Initiative Launched

“OpenSats is proud to present the Nostr Design initiative, spearheaded by Karnage and Daniele. The purpose of Nostr Design is to help open-source developers with product development, UI/UX, as well as general design considerations.””This initiative is funded by The Nostr Fund and made possible by generous donors like you.””If you are working on an open-source nostr project and need design help (or a second opinion on client UI/UX choices), don’t be shy and reach out to us! We are @dtonon and yours truly @karnage. You can find us on nostr or email us at””Too shy to ask for help? Do you think your client is perfect as it is? We’re creating a design resource just for you:“”Nostr Design will help developers and designers quickly discover nostr’s quirks, challenges, and best practices for addressing them. Our goal is to make your life easier without having to constantly ask, “What is the best way to X?””If you are a developer working on an open-source nostr project, don’t hesitate to apply for funding and reach out to us for design help.”

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