Nodeyez v23.08: Bitcoin Fee Estimates, LND Messages

Contact vicariousdrama on Nostr as npub1yx6pjypd4r7qh2gysjhvjd9l2km6hnm4amdnjyjw3467fy05rf0qfp7kza (NIP05 if you have any questions or need help.

What’s new

New Panels and Enhancements

Difficulty Epoch panel enhanced for pruned node support to estimate times.OP_RETURN panel now has more exclusion patterns by default.New Panel: Fee Estimates for graphing Bitcoin Fee Estimates.New Panel: LND Messages to display those received in invoices and keysends.


New utility script scaffolding new panel using templates.New helper functions for top and bottom anchored text.New helper functions for wrapping text to a width and calculating multiline text height.


Fixed logic in removeOldImages. Prior to this release it would remove all files of the given type (default png) from the directory from run.

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