Nodeless Is Now Open Source: Receive BTC & Lightning Payments Without a Node

“Originally decided not to open source nodeless because I was worried about getting investor funding. Well jokes on me I couldn’t get funding either way 🤣. So fuck it, we’re going open source, slowly but surely,” wrote the platform’s developer utxo.Nodeless uses only email for signing up and does not ask service users any other personal information. The service charges 100 sats +1% from every transaction.

These two emails (note the time) explain how @Nodeless_io works.

As soon as a payment comes in, a withdrawal is immediately sent to you.

You tradeoff a few seconds of custodial risk and a 1% fee for abstracting away all the node management.

Perfect for non-techies!

— utxo ⚡🧡 (@utxo_one) June 29, 2023

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