NIP-94 Merged: File Sharing on Nostr

This NIP specifies the use of the 1063 event type, having in content a description of the file content, and a list of tags described in the NIP.”The client can use this event as they see fit. Either showing events in the same feed as kind 1 events or creating a specific feed for file listings.””It allows the app to create image galleries (memes, animations) that can be reused countless times in different notes. As it exists in whatsapp, telegram, etc.”

Suggested Use Cases

“A relay for indexing shared files. For example to promote torrents.””A Pinterest-like relay and app where people can share their portfolio and inspire others.””A simple way to distribute configurations and software updates.””Specialized relays can provide collections of emojis, memes and animated gifs to be used in notes.”

GitHub Repo

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