New Spiral Grantee Michael Haase; Vasil Dimov’s Grant Gets Renewed

“New grant. Michael Haase (@haasemike) is a prolific product designer taking on bitcoin inheritance and collaborative custody, two of bitcoin’s most nerve-racking problems for parents with devious teenagers,” Spiral announced.”I’m very grateful to be able to work on things that I love and that will have a positive impact on how people custody their Bitcoin for their families for every day use as well as the long term! Thank you @spiralbtc for making this possible,” Michael responded.You can read Michael’s grant proposal here. In addition, Spiral announced grant renewal for Vasil Dimov.”Grant renewal. Vasil Dimov, who is not on social media and has therefore earned my respect more than any follower of this account, will continue maintaining and improving the P2P networking layer of Bitcoin Core while also building out privacy features.”

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