NDK v0.8.21: The Protocol Is the App Store

“PSA: NDK has moved to a monorepo structure.””This will hopefully mean that I will be able to REALLY pick up the pace in deploying new features and sibling ndk-* packages (like ndk-svelte, ndk-svelte-components, ndk-cache-redis, etc),” PABLOF7z wrote.”The intent is that now I’ll be able to write any NDK code I’m writing in my software directly in NDK and, when ready, release it. No backporting needed.””Expect a lot more frequent releases of ndk and ndk-related projects.”

What’s new

Adds NIP-89 (app stores need not apply);Adds NIP-90 support (data vending machines)Adds NIP-99 support (craigslist-like events)NDK-Dexie-cache released:

– New Dexie Cache adapter for in-browser caching
NDK-Svelte-components released:

– Highlights component support
– UserCard and a few more user-centric components

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