NDK v0.8.0: Data Vending Machines Support & NDK-React v0.1.1 Released

What’s new in NDK v0.8.0

NIP-90: Data Vending Machines support

– Easily create AI job requests and fulfill them with your DVM implementation;
– Make loading profile information WAAAY faster when a cache adapter is present;
– Fixes some minor bugs.

NDK React v0.1.1

“NDK-React is a React library that makes it easy to build Nostr-related applications using React (and NextJS). It provides a set of components that wrap the NDK library and make it easy to use in React.”

What’s new

online docs with live demo;login with nsecbunker, extensions and secret key;get events react hook;sign and publish event react hook;get the user profile asynchronously;cache the data (so we only need to query it once);display the user’s display image on the UI in a single line of code?

GitHub Repo
NDK React Site
Announcement (NDK) / Announcement 2

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