Nayuta Wallet Android v0.4.0, iOS v1.3.0 Released

What’s new (iOS)

A tutorial screen has been added. “The tutorial now appears immediately after installing the app. For those who are already using our application, we have added a “Tutorial” menu item one before “Support” on the Settings screen.”Notice on the Synchronization Screen. “Our app requires blockchain synchronization before the wallet can be used. It is expected to take several minutes to an hour immediately after the wallet is created or when the app is launched after some time has elapsed. To notify you of this, we have made it possible to display a notice within the synchronization screen when the wallet is launched.””After the update, a button has been added to the upper left corner of the screen, so please check it. (It will automatically appear only once when the wallet is created.)”Other internal libraries were updated.

What’s new (Android)

“This time we updated the internal library.”

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