Nayuta Wallet Android v0.2.0: LNURL Pay QR Code Support

“We have released Nayuta Wallet Android v0.2.0 🎉””Now you can pay to LNURL Pay QR code.””You can download and install it from Google Play.”

When asked about open sourcing the wallet’s code on AMA, developers said it will happen after releasing Nayuta Wallet for iOS, which is currently in testflight.

We have launched a closed tester call for the Nayuta Wallet for iOS. There are a few features that are not included compared to the Android version.

— Nayuta (@Nayuta_en) July 11, 2023

Earlier updates for Nayuta Wallet (Android) included:

– Fixed a problem with LNURL withdraw that was causing failures.
– Resolved a bug in the fee rate configuration screen.v0.1.9: a new game “Coin Climber” is now available in the Lapps menu.v0.1.8: added support for receiving Bitcoin from THNDR games and introduced a new application icon.

Full changelog can be found here.

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