MyNode v0.3.20: Feature Upgrades, Enhanced Debugging Tools

MyNode v0.3.20 release includes:

“Feature upgrades to Thunderhub, BTC RPC Explorer, Dojo, LNbits, and more.””Enhanced debugging tools and updated icons optimize the node management experience. “


Upgrade Thunderhub to v0.13.23Upgrade BTC RPC Explorer to v3.4.0Upgrade Dojo to v1.20.0Upgrade LNBits to v0.10.9Upgrade Lightning Terminal to v0.10.4Upgrade Loop to v0.26.2Upgrade BTCPay Server to v1.11.2Upgrade Joininbox to v0.8.0Upgrade Caravan to v0.6.2Upgrade NodeJS to v18.xUpdate FaviconUpdate Joinmarket and Caravan iconsAdd Channel Tools for debuggingAdd pin for homepage Bitcoin detailsVarious bug fixes

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