MyCitadel v1.5: UI Improvements, Fixes & More

MyCitadel v 1.5 (codename “Blazing Venus”) has been released.

What’s new

Reworked wallet main screen: better fonts, colors, transaction labels and handy mnemonics, new simper dashboard with Bitcoin and Sats symbols.Update HWI to 2.3.1.Fix connectivity with BitBox02 on v4.39 firmware.Fix Nix Flake build.Multiple bugfixes.

Release notes

UI improvements

Simplify wallet balance reporting (dashboard);Add custom labels for the operation history;Supply historical operations with easy-to-read mnemonics (when an explicit label is not given);Introduce Bitcoin and satoshi symbols;Improved fonts and colors for the transaction, coins and address lists;Simplify descriptor export screen in settings window;Add menu command for opening PSBT from the wallet screen.

Hardware wallets

Update HWI to 2.3.1;Fix connectivity with BitBox02 running v4.39 firmware.


Remove GTK warnings;Fix Electrum server connectivity test;Fixed overflow in payment composer happening when the wallet lacks funds for paying fees;Fixed invalid error about absent beneficiary;Display mempool transactions in the top of the history;Fix invalid fee computing in some scenarios;Fix Nix Flake build by @fczuardi.

New Contributors

@fczuardi made their first contribution in #93@sskras made their first contribution in #101@EthnTuttle made their first contribution in #104

Full Changelog: v1.4.0…v1.5.0

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