Mutiny Wallet v0.4.28: Onion Message Routing

Adds onion message routing. This will eventually be used for Bolt12 support.Also adds some more fixes that should help detect and prevent mutiny from being ran multiple places at the same time.

What’s changed

Fix activity items with no fees by @TonyGiorgio in #648Update to v0.4.27-1 by @TonyGiorgio in #649Prod v0.4.27-1 by @TonyGiorgio in #650remove nostr dev kit dep by @futurepaul in #638Add index html by @futurepaul in #651Make MegaStoreProvider higher in root components by @benthecarman in #656update deps oct 27 by @futurepaul in #637Bump to 0.4.28 by @TonyGiorgio in #657

Full Changelogv0.4.27…v0.4.28

GitHub Repo

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