Mutiny Wallet v0.4.20: Blazing Fast Payments, Easier Self-Hosting

“Implements a @TonyGiorgio‘s Hub Scorer, this is looking like it will increase payment reliability dramatically.””If self-hosting Mutiny sounds like a good time to you, check out mutiny-deploy for instructions.”Read more about Mutiny’s data driven approach to fixing payment reliability here.Read more on Mutiny’s self-hosting here.

Wallet Highlights

More reliable paymentsSelf hosted VSS optionsBetter encryption password UXDockerfile integrationReserve calculations on channel screenOptimized price retrieval

Node Highlights

Experimental anchor channels supportFaster caching for bitcoin priceBetter support for different VSS backendsFixes fee rate being very low for channel closures

Changes – Mutiny Android v0.4.20

fix safari app links by @futurepaul in #543revert: amount loading logic by @benalleng in #539Encryption password UX by @benalleng in #492Properly set fees paid on lightning sends by @benthecarman in #550Nostr activity and tag support by @benalleng in #534Only optimistically get price when balance non-zero by @benthecarman in #558option to remember invoice type choice by @futurepaul in #556Dockerfile by @benthecarman in #560Correct outbound calculation by @benthecarman in #565add vss config option by @futurepaul in #559Trim pasted seed words by @benthecarman in #566Prod 0.4.20 by @TonyGiorgio in #567

Full Changelog: v0.4.19…v0.4.20

Changes – Mutiny Node v0.4.20

Better bitcoin price cache by @benthecarman in #764Change to new storage url by @benthecarman in #765Fix units for fee estimation functions by @benthecarman in #768Add helper function for saving pending nwc invoices by @benthecarman in #770Don’t persist NetworkGraph by @benthecarman in #771Prevent fee sniping in handle_spendable_outputs by @benthecarman in #766Fix compile for latest lnurl version by @benthecarman in #773Fix clippy issues by @benthecarman in #775Handle pending payments for redshifts by @benthecarman in #776Anchors support by @benthecarman in #762Unautheticated VSS by @benthecarman in #774VSS Updates by @benthecarman in #769Hub Scorer by @TonyGiorgio in #779Return proper error for bad url by @benthecarman in #778

Full Changelog: v0.4.19…v0.4.20

GitHub Repo (Wallet)
GitHub Repo (Node)
Blog Post (Payments) / Archive
Blog Post (Self-hosting) / Archive

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