Mutiny Wallet Added Nostr Wallet Auth, Can Now Be Self-Hosted with StartOS

“Announcing Mutiny Wallet for StartOS! Why use when you can self-host your own, private Mutiny website and wallet?””Build and packaged by benthecarman and team. Shout out to k0gen for assisting.”Source: BTC Sessions.In other news, Mutiny Wallet introduced Nostr Wallet Auth – a better way to do Nostr Wallet Connect. “It simplifies the experience of connecting your wallet to nostr clients and services, such as Zapple Pay. With one click or the scan of a QR code, you can create a new connection in Mutiny (or any other wallet that adopts NWA).””Check out the NWA experience on Mutiny Wallet and let us know what you think!”Read more about it here.

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