Mutiny Node v0.4.39: Payjoin Support, Dynamic Fees, Nostr Wallet Auth

What’s new

Adds payjoin support (huge thanks to @DanGould and @benalleng for this work!Dynamic fee changesNostr Wallet Auth

What’s Changed

Add conversion from wasm to core MutinyChannel by @benthecarman in #881Send payjoin by @DanGould in #647Enable clippy failures on macos and windows by @TonyGiorgio in #883Specify version for wasm-pack by @TonyGiorgio in #884fix readme by @johncantrell97 in #887Nostr Wallet Auth by @benthecarman in #815Dynamic fee by @TonyGiorgio in #823

New Contributors

@DanGould made their first contribution in #647@johncantrell97 made their first contribution in #887

Full Changelogv0.4.38…v0.4.39

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