Mullvad Partnered with Tailscale, Completed Migration to RAM-only VPN Infrastructure

“Today we announce that we have completely removed all traces of disks being used by our VPN infrastructure!””In early 2022 we announced the beginning of our migration to using diskless infrastructure with our bootloader known as “stboot”.””Our VPN infrastructure has since been audited with this configuration twice (2023, 2022), and all future audits of our VPN servers will focus solely on RAM-only deployments.””The result is that the operating system that we boot, prior to being deployed weighs in at just over 200MB. When servers are rebooted or provisioned for the first time, we can be safe in the knowledge that we get a freshly built kernel, no traces of any log files, and a fully patched OS.”

In recent news, Mullvad also announced a partnership with Tailscale.

“This partnership allows customers of Tailscale to make use of our WireGuard VPN servers as “exit nodes”. This means that whilst connected to Tailscale, you can access your devices across Tailscale’s mesh network, whilst still connecting outbound through Mullvad VPN WireGuard servers in any location.”Read more on using Mullvad exit nodes with Tailscales VPN service on Tailscales website here.

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