Mostro v0.7.8: Fixes & Improvements

“Devs, testers, designers join us in:””If you want to contribute in other ways join the general group.”

What’s Changed

First draft of mostro fee by @arkanoider in #79Bug fixes and refactoring related bot fee by @grunch in #80Fixes on saving fee by @grunch in #81Test ack message by @grunch in #82AddInvoice fixes by @grunch in #83env var check quick and dirty by @arkanoider in #84Limit order amount by @grunch in #86Retry test by @arkanoider in #88First commit on nip12 filter by @arkanoider in #89nip12 fiat name filter tag by @arkanoider in #90small test on fee calculations by @arkanoider in #91Add settings file by @grunch in #96

Full Changelog: v0.7.3…v0.7.8

GitHub Repo

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