MicroStrategy Lightning Platform Introduced at MicroStrategy World

The product appears to be oriented towards integrating Lightning rewards in all sorts of activities – be it to reward customers, employees, event attendees, or incentivize any other behavior with “instant Satoshi rewards.”The product appears to come with a web wallet, browser extension wallet, and mobile wallet, and supports withdrawal of sats to any other Lightning wallet or Lightning Address.The platform also appears to support variety of OOTB integrations with low-code templates. “If you’re going to spend $50M to drives customers to your site, why not give $50M to them and cut out the middle person? – Michael Saylor reportedly said at the event.The product also includes option to “transform each corporate email address into Lightning address, linking it to the MicroStrategy Lightning Wallet.””Microstrategy integrating Lightning Rewards internally with Salesforce, Zoom, Adobe, and MoveSpring to incentivize employees to educate themselves, share their knowledge, hit their fitness goals, and more,” reported Swan’s Sam Callahan from the event.

Product Brochure

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