Mempool Goggles: See Who & What Is Vying For Blockspace at Any Given Moment

“Have you ever wished you had x-ray specs to see exactly what’s inside the mempool? No, me neither, but we built you a pair anyway. Introducing Mempool Goggles!””Click on the Mempool Goggles icon at the top left of the mempool block visualization to reveal the new filter menu. There are 25 different categories to explore, or mix-and-match to narrow down your focus even further.””Want to see how much of the mempool is occupied by monkey jpegs? Try the “Inscription” filter. Curious how many transactions use both RBF and CPFP to bump fees? Hit the “Replacement” and “Pays for parent” filters.””From simple mempool analysis to advanced technical insights, Mempool Goggles has something for everyone.”

I’ve been using Mempool Goggles for a few weeks to track trends like the resurgence in “stamps” fake multisigs, OP_RETURN protocols, and PSBT trades, among other unexpected technical insights.

Now that Goggles are live for everyone to use, I can’t wait to see what you discover!

— mononaut (tx/acc) (@mononautical) December 18, 2023

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