Mash Partners with TFTC, Launches v2.0 Publisher Monetization Products

“TFTC has undergone a full redesign and expansion to offer more topics beyond Bitcoin, welcoming prolific authors like Robert Bryce, Parker Lewis, Jordan Schachtel, and Whitney Webb. This partnership with Mash allows them to provide curated, high-quality content on various topics while ensuring fair and efficient monetization.””The partnership with Mash allows us to be able to provide these experiences because of the new ways you can monetize and share revenue with contributors fairly and easily. We’re ecstatic to partner with Mash and showcase a new approach to make content broadly available and properly monetized,” said Marty Bent, CEO of TFTC.“Our new Reactions product is the first step to bring the entire user experience and multiplayer mode back to the site, where all stakeholders including the creators benefit and earn for the value they provide,” said Mash CEO Jaed Nusinoff.

Mash v2.0 – What’s new

Mash 2.0: New Suite of Pub & Creator Monetization Tools inc users adding emojis/reactions to content with lightning, new hub and meme based donations.Reactions: Multiplayer mode on-site. “Users can add emojis, stickers, animations and accents to content, currently paragraphs – that all visitors can see. Free and paid options with bitcoin and Lightning Network.Try it live at”“Donation prompts with memes – of any amount at the speed of a click. Why simply just a coffee (which is possible), shouldn’t there be options to buy folks a steak, support a cause, and leverage the power of memes?”“Mash Hub – a new on-site product to connect with users, ask for donations, share voting with sats events, and enable users to easily access their money (or pay with any lightning) – without requiring a download. And future products!”“No-Code Install – installation takes less than two minutes. We got you from there!”

Join the waitlist – we’re releasing these new tools over the coming months (and deprecating some previous ones). Sign up to get access or partner with Mash.”

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