Machankura Implemented Additive Batching with RBF For Onchain Transactions

“Machankura users can now spend sats to an onchain address.””This feature is still in beta because we process the onchain transactions via additive batching (use replace by fee to append batch of spends while unconfirmed).””An additive batching withdrawals RBF history can be seen on Mempool.

a. 9.64 s/vb: A user initially withdrew 21 000 sats.
b. 10.2 s/vb: (a) gets replaced to add 22 000 sats txo.
c. 10.7 s/vb: (b) gets replaced to add 23 000 sats txo.”
“This allows us to ensure that users onchain spends never get stuck buried in the mempool. It also gives a user with a sufficient balance the ability to speed up their own onchain spend in the event where their initial transactions gets buried in the mempool. Not forgetting to mention that users will get fee discounts whenever their onchain withdrawals get batched together.””Our implementation of additive batching runs on a taproot wallet with a frost threshold spending condition.””This allows us to produce multisig transactions that are indistinguishable from single signature transactions. Thanks to the wonders of Schnorr signatures!””Shout out to these open source projects for providing us with the tools to build this out in our desired manners:

– schnorr_fun
– Special shout out to @FrostsnapTech for the work their are doing to bring frost on HWW.”


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