Lume v2.0.0: New UI, nsecBunker & Outbox Model Support

“Yo, Lume v2 is ready to testing, you can download here,” announced @reya.”There are many planned features that are not yet ready to be shipped in this build. I am still working on them, and will release new build shortly after.””So with the v2 release, I want to fix it, planning and executing carefully. My main goal is to make Lume become an everyday nostr client.””I don’t want Lume to become heavy or feature-rich, supporting all NIPs at its core. Instead of including everything in the core, I will create an extension system. If users want certain features, they can install them via the extension store.””In this version, the only remaining Nostr NIPs that I haven’t added to the core are NIP-44 and NIP-28. After that, I will build an extension system and an SDK for users who want to build extensions for Lume.””Lume is now my full-time job. I don’t know how long I can handle it, but I will try my best. I hope that someday, when you reinstall your PC, Lume will be one of the first apps you install.”

What’s new

Redesign UIUse Harmony color palette (source)Use media-chrome for video playerSupport Light and Dark Mode based on systemSupport nsecBunkerSupport outbox modelMigrate from custom secure storage (tauri-stronghold) to native secure storage (keyring-rs)Improve native notificationNew composer support write text, article (long-form content) note and file sharing (NIP-94)Upgrade to Tauri v2Add Nix dev environment by @sectore in #98

Known issues

User cannot upload image (CORS issue), will be fixed in the next update

New Contributors

@sectore made their first contribution in #98

Full Changelogv1.2.7…v2.0.0

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