LNp2pBot v0.9.0: Typescript Support

LNp2pBot is being developed on nodejs and connects with an LND node. We wanted that the telegram bot be able to receive lightning payments without being custodial, after some thinking we decided to use hold invoices for it. The bot only settles seller invoices when each party is ok with it and right after that moment the bot pays the buyer’s invoice.”

What’s new in v0.9.0

Typescript support: first step by @tehraninasab in #392

Full Changelog: v0.8.5…v0.9.0

What’s new in v0.8.5

This PR add username validation by @grunch in #408Displays counter-party age when a user’s order is taken by @bilthon in #411Introduces simpler LND connection method by @bilthon in #410#337 feat(orders): add order expiration time to list orders response by @SeniorByteDev in #412/ban works with both username and telegramID by @UsmanAR in #417

New Contributors

@SeniorByteDev made their first contribution in #412@UsmanAR made their first contribution in #417

Full Changelog: v0.8.3…v0.8.5

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