LND v0.17.2-beta: Concurrency Related Bug Hot Fix

“This is a hot fix release to fix a concurrency related bug in the peer/server that could lead to a panic. The only change included in this release is: #8186.”

Fun day today with LND 0.17.2-beta released some 45 mins ago.

We’re going to this version in @BtcpayServer to prevent startup problems in some cases @lnbig_com uncovered.

Same drill as this morning:
git fetch
git checkout masterhttps://t.co/nZdpvnZIDwpic.twitter.com/f2WL9vWnNN pic.twitter.com/uBhPborY7o

— Uncle Rockstar Developer (@r0ckstardev) November 20, 2023

GitHub Repo

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