LND v0.17.1-beta: Optimizations & Bug Fixes

“This marks the first minor release in the 0.17.x cycle.””This release includes a number of bug fixes and optimizations, including: a reduction in CPU utilization due to the new mempool scanning safety logic, enchantments to the CPFP logic for anchor outputs, a fix to a peer/server deadlock, and a bug fix for the new taproot channel type that may have otherwise caused a channel to show as inactive until reconnection.”

What’s new

Previously, when a channel was force closed locally, its anchor was always force-swept when the CPFP requirements are met. This is now changed to only attempt CPFP based on the deadline of the commitment transaction. The anchor output will still be offered to the sweeper during channel force close, while the actual sweeping won’t be forced(CPFP) unless a relevant HTLC will timeout in 144 blocks. If CPFP before this deadline is needed, user can use BumpFee instead.When facing a large mempool, users may experience deteriorated performance, which includes slow startup and shutdown, clogging RPC response when calling getinfo, and CPU spikes. This is now improved with the upgrade to the latest btcwallet. In addition, it’s strongly recommended to upgrade bitcoind to version v24.0 and above to take advantage of the new RPC method gettxspendingprevout, which will further decrease CPU usage and memory consumption.chainrpc GetBlockHeader can be used to get block headers with any chain backend.A bug that caused certain API calls to hang has been fixed.LND now sets the BADONION bit when sending update_fail_malformed_htlc. This avoids a force close with other implementations.A bug that would cause taproot channels to sometimes not display as active has been fixed.lnd will now properly reject macaroons with unknown versions.

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