LNbits v0.11.1: Bugfix Release

“This bugfix release fixes several issues with 0.11.0.”Warning: Due to a mistake on the last merge into main, we had to revert some commits on it. If you run into issues pulling from main, reset your local main branch like this git reset origin/main –hard.”

What’s changed

drop version from readme by @prusnak in #2001update: to 0.11.1 by @dni in #1988hotfix: add environs backwards compatibility by @dni in #2007fix: use correct field from response in node management by @jackstar12 in #1999use current version of logo for manifest icon by @prusnak in #2010dependency cleanup by @prusnak in #2011[CHORE] cleanup nodemanagement vue components by @dni in #1986remove comma after version by @daywalker90 in #2016[CHORE] cleanup ip block middleware workaround for older fastapi by @dni in #1981feat: wallet name in payments export by @jackstar12 in #1991fix: make bolt11 optional in NodePayment by @jackstar12 in #2005bug: check prettier workflows by @dni in #2021Add a customizable logo to QR by @talvasconcelos in #1955feat: improve on admin ui funding tab by @dni in #1989Refactor: Calculate invoice expiry outside of the crud by @callebtc in #1849add possibility to turn off new registrations by @prusnak in #2017Hotfix small UI bugs by @talvasconcelos in #2024[feat] add lnbits-dynamic-fields component by @motorina0 in #2018feat: add file logging by @dni in #2023use PNG logo for QR code instead of SVG logo by @prusnak in #2028downgrade rpds-py to 0.10.3 which is not broken on nix by @prusnak in #2027feat: improve im workflows runs by @dni in #2036feat: add useful query helpers for insert and update by @dni in #2020run optipng on logos + remove old logo from docs by @prusnak in #2025add python-crontab for scheduler extension by @bitkarrot in #2032add “nix build” to GitHub CI by @prusnak in #2026fix: explicitly specify the DB name when migrating by @motorina0 in #2039fix: closed channels affecting the stats (#1998) by @dni in #2040Update installation.md (#1997) by @dni in #2041

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