LNbits v0.11.0: Node Management UI for Core Lightning & LND

“Among countless optimizations and stability improvements that make LNbits faster and more reliable, we are thrilled to announce a new exciting feature which we (with the incredible work of @jackstar12) have been working on for some time: The LNbits node manager.””We have [also] upgraded the API framework that we use in LNbits. That means that most extensions need to be update to work with this release. Please log in as an admin user and update your extensions to the latest version after upgrading your LNbits.”


“The node manager works with Core Lightning and LND and we plan to add support for more Lightning backends soon. You can activate the node UI in your LNbits admin panel.Channel management. Manage your Lightning channels directly from within your LNbits.Transaction history. View the transaction history on your node to see a list of all incoming and outgoing payments.Public node page. The node manager also offers a public node page that you can share with others who want to open a channel to your node.

Other changes

What’s ChangedRemove LNTXbot files by @dsbaars in #1921[REFACTOR] .super_user move it into data dir by @dni in #1900Add deleted flag wallet by @talvasconcelos in #1826[REFACTOR] grpcio and protofbuf for lndgrpc is not optional by @dni in #1886[FEAT] Push notification integration into core by @schneimi in #1393[FIX] correct amount in fiat tracking by @jackstar12 in #1934[CHORE] update to version 0.11.0 by @dni in #1933[FIX] codeql for dev branch by @dni in #1935[FEAT] create data folder if it doesnt exist by @jackstar12 in #1930[FEAT] improve update_admin_settings by @dni in #1903[TEST] use clean db in postgres tests by @jackstar12 in #1928[CORE] Document CoreLightningRestWallet by @callebtc in #1920[TEST] use test data as mockdata by @jackstar12 in #1929[BUG] self payments for the same wallet by @dni in #1914[REFACTOR] core/init to not have circular import issues by @dni in #1876make wallets name prettier! by @talvasconcelos in #1918Fix payments chart by @jackstar12 in #1851[CHORE] bugfix formatting prettier by @dni in #1936do not show deleted wallets by @talvasconcelos in #1942Extension loader: do not panic! by @callebtc in #1945Revert “do not show deleted wallets” by @arcbtc in #1947LNURL-pay: drop description_hash validation by @callebtc in #1951[CHORE] update dependencies, unsafe pip packages, fastapi by @dni in #1609[FEAT] Focus cursor to textarea by @arbadacarbaYK in #1959add editorconfig config, fix issues (only whitespace changes) by @prusnak in #1958adding bolt11 lib and removing bolt11.py from the codebase by @dni in #1817Updated dev user guide for extension development by @blackcoffeexbt in #1962Startup optimization: nonblocking expiry check by @callebtc in #1943Support custom path for installed extensions by @motorina0 in #1940[FEAT] Node Managment by @dni in #1895[FEAT] cleanup GET /wallet endpoint, add wallet api routes by @dni in #1932Don’t create user if allowed users is set by @talvasconcelos in #1822fix typos by @prusnak in #1969fix: node ranks by @jackstar12 in #1968[BUG] bundle is broken by @dni in #1972[BUG] Fix bad transation call by @motorina0 in #1973fix: catch sse exceptions by @jackstar12 in #1971Add Markdown capability globally by @talvasconcelos in #1965feat: remove commit version by @motorina0 in #1980nix: fix nixosModule and build by @MatthewCroughan in #1979catch exceptions in migrations for extensions by @callebtc in #1987fix: admin_ui js error by @dni in #1982

New Contributors

@dsbaars made their first contribution in #1921@schneimi made their first contribution in #1393

Full Changelog: 0.10.10…0.11.0

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