Lightning Loop v0.26.0-beta: Sweep HTLCs to Addresses Generated from xPub

What’s new

“This new feature enables loop out and autoloop out operations to sweep htlcs to addresses generated from an extended public key.””A precondition for using the loop client in this fashion is onboarding a xpub account in the backing lnd instance, e.g.
lncli wallet accounts import xpub… my_loop_account –address_type p2tr –master_key_fingerprint 0df50.””Loop outs can then be instructed to sweep to a new derived address from the specified account, e.g:
loop out –amt 10000000 –account my_loop_account –address_type p2tr.””To use this functionality with autoloop out one has to set the backing lnd account and address type via liquidity parameters for autoloop, e.g.
loop –network regtest setparams –autoloop=true –account=my_loop_account –account_addr_type=p2tr ….”

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