LDK Node v0.2.0: Pre-flight Probes, API Improvements

This release includes the capability to send pre-flight probes, several API improvements, and a few bug fixes.In total, this release features 57 files changed, 7369 insertions, 1738 deletions in 132 commits from 9 authors: Austin Kelsay, alexanderwiederin, Elias Rohrer, Galder Zamarreño, Gursharan Singh, jbesraa, Justin Moeller, Max Fang, Orbital.”Calling all @kotlin developers! It’s now quicker than ever to create a Lightning app using LDK Node. Watch this YouTube tutorial by @thunderB__ and learn how to create a basic Lightning-powered desktop app using Kotlin and JetpackCompose,” wrote Conor Okus.”iOS Devs! In less than 20 mins @matthewramsden shows how to create a native iOS Lightning wallet using LDK Node with Swift.”For a quick LDK Node guide, check out this video here.

What’s new

Feature and API updates

The capability to send pre-flight probes has been added (#147).Pre-flight probes will skip outbound channels based on the liquidity available (#156).Additional fields are now exposed via ChannelDetails (#165).The location of the logs directory is now customizable (#129).Listening on multiple socket addresses is now supported (#187).If available, peer information is now persisted for inbound channels (#170).Transaction broadcasting and fee estimation have been reworked and made more robust (#205).A module persisting, sweeping, and rebroadcasting output spends has been added (#152).

Bug Fixes

No errors are logged anymore when we choose to omit spending of StaticOutputs (#137).An inconsistent state of the log file symlink no longer results in an error during startup (#153).

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