Kollider Lightning Derivatives Exchange and Wallet Is Shutting Down

Kollider has built an instantly settled derivatives exchange on top of the Lightning Network that also came with bitcoin-backed synthetic stablecoins.

“Born from a vision to transform derivatives trading, we introduced real-time settlements with minimized risks, capitalizing on Bitcoin’s robustness. Our synthetic stablecoin wallet aimed to set a new standard in the ecosystem.””Despite our advances, scaling challenges within the niche Lightning network have led us to this junction. We’re unable to sustain operations but remain proud of the potential our platform demonstrated.””Attention Traders: We’re winding down. New trades to increase positions are no longer accepted. You have until Nov 30 to close positions and until Dec 31 to withdraw your Sats.””Our belief in Bitcoin and the Lightning Network doesn’t waver. The ecosystem thrives with innovation, and we’re eager to see its evolution. Kollider’s chapter ends, but our commitment to financial innovation continues.””Thank you, community, for walking this path with us. Every step was a leap in learning and innovation. Here’s to new beginnings!””For queries, reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram.”

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