Joinmarket v0.9.10: RBF Fee Bumping, Improvements & Bug Fixes

“This release includes removal of Python 3.6 (which had been end-of-life since end of 2021), so now Python 3.7+ is minimum requirement.””This release also includes signalling BIP125 opt-in RBF all non-coinjoin send transactions by default and script to create RBF replacements to speed up unconfirmed transactions. And fee estimator will now only randomize transaction fee rate upwards, not below block target estimation or manually set fee rate.””There is new RPC API endpoints, handling of BIP21 bitcoin: URIs with multiple duplicating keys and various bugfixes and minor changes.””Note that this release is signed by Kristaps Kaupe not Adam Gibson.”

What’s new

Removal of Python 3.6 support, 3.7 or newer is required now;Fee estimation changes and fee bumping;Wallet RPC API improvements;BIP21 bitcoin: URI changes;Numerous code quality improvements.

Full Release Notes

Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release: @AdamISZ, @akhavr, @BitcoinWukong, @kristapsk, @openoms, @PulpCattel, @roshii, @takinbo.And thanks also to those who submitted bug reports, tested, reviewed and otherwise helped out.

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