Jack Dorsey Provides 14 Bitcoin Grant to Open Source Distributed Communication Protocol ‘Nostr’ with Goal of Censorship Resistant Twitter Replacement

Jack Dorsey donated 14.17171699 bitcoin, currently valued at nearly $250K.Nostr aims to be the simplest open protocol that is able to create a censorship-resistant global “social” network once and for all.It doesn’t rely on any trusted central server, hence it is resilient; it is based on cryptographic keys and signatures, so it is tamperproof; it does not rely on P2P techniques, therefore it works.Everybody runs a client. It can be a native client, a web client, etc. To publish something, you write a post, sign it with your key and send it to multiple relays (servers hosted by someone else, or yourself). To get updates from other people, you ask multiple relays if they know anything about these other people. Anyone can run a relay. A relay is very simple and dumb. It does nothing besides accepting posts from some people and forwarding to others. Relays don’t have to be trusted. Signatures are verified on the client side.

14btc! #nostr just got funded 🤯. jack is fast, and Bitcoin makes it easy.

Here’s the plan:https://t.co/wz8ymxD6Vg https://t.co/Ie2N801ROp

— William Casarin 🇨🇦⚡️ (@jb55) December 15, 2022

Nostr lead maintainers fiatjaf and jb55 are moving forward with a plan to distribute the funds using bounties and other milestones.You can contribute and learn about Nostr using their github repo.

Distribution Plan PDF:

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