IVPN Light: Short-Term VPN Access Priced in Sats

“For those who never heard about IVPN – we’ve been around since 2010, we are privacy activists and Bitcoiners.””IVPN Light is an experiment in supporting Lightning adoption. It is admittedly not a novel concept, but it offers a unique combination of the following:

– Short duration access option, you can get a “throwaway” VPN tunnel for 3 hours or up to 30 days duration;
– Priced in sats, not fiat, and it’s quite affordable (500 sats for 3 hours);
– Access to 5 exit locations or 1 MultiHop combination;
– Pay with BTC Lightning directly – no intermediaries;
– No account creation or PII needed.””We host our own BTCPay Server to generate a Lightning invoice for payment.””We look forward to your feedback and appreciate any ideas for improvement.””We also have a “regular” VPN service supported by open-source apps: https://www.ivpn.net/.”

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