Human Rights Foundation Launched Its CBDC Tracker

“The CBDC Tracker is the product of an 8-month fellowship at the Human Rights Foundation where fellows track the progress of CBDCs in every country in the world and flag risks for civil liberties.””The fellowship was awarded to Nicholas Anthony, Janine Römer, and Matthew Mezinskis in February 2023.”

HRF CBDC Fellow @EconWithNick is going over @HRF‘s new CBDC Tracker and the methodology used. You can view the tracker at

— Alex 🧙‍♂️ (@AlexLi98) November 14, 2023

“Despite there being other CBDC trackers available, the Human Rights Foundation launched this project to fill a critical gap: raising awareness around the risks that CBDCs present to human rights and civil liberties.”

Check out the tracker at:

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